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A Safety Razor Can Be a Girl's Best Friend!

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Safety razors!  Wet shaving!

We tend to think of this as the domain of men, right?  But. don't women shave too?  

I mean, don't women also get tired of overpaying for cartridge and disposable razors?  Don't women want to help out the environment and stop throwing so many of the aforementioned cartridge and disposable razors into landfills?  Are there not women who would appreciate the fine, luxurious shave that can be attained by using a safety razor, a quality blade, a shaving brush, and an artisan shaving soap?

I think there fact, I think there are a lot of them.  So, how to get started?  Well, a good jumping off point would be this video from our YouTube channel, the Majestic Shaver:

Virtually all the tips and tools for men's shaving can be applied to women's shaving.  

Honestly, you can use any safety razor regardless of the color of the handle.  Sure, we now stock the pink razor, but that was mostly due to a request.  However, that being said, generally it is nice if a woman can use a safety razor that has a slightly longer handle as that makes it easier to get all the way to the ankle.  Also, a handle with a good grip is a must as most women shave in the tub or shower.

What about razor blades?  Well, that is a very personal choice and oftentimes a person will want to try a few different blades to see which ones they like best.  Mrs. Majestic Shaver likes the Voskhod blades as they tend to flex and give a little bit, which has a more similar feel to the pivoting head of a cartridge.  Me?  I prefer something more like a Bolzano or a Personna that has a more rigid feel to the blade.

The most fun to be had in wet shaving is often found in picking out a shaving soap.  While many of the shaving soaps we carry have a traditional masculine scent profile, there are others like Craftsman Soap Co. Brushwood or PAA (Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements) Honeysuckle that are certainly unisex at the very least.  The scent is only part of the fun, the natural ingredients such as shea butter, avocado oil, etc. in the shaving soaps will leave your skin feeling soft and moisturized.

So, take a look around our website and remember: A safety razor can be a girl's best friend.

BTW: Gentlemen, this may be a worthy gift idea as you may be tired of having your significant other "borrow" your safety razor.

Shave happy everyone!

Below are Mrs. Majestic Shaver's personal favorites:

Safety razor - Rockwell 6C

Razor Blade - Voskhod

Shaving Brush - CK Spindle 

Shaving Soap - Hawaiian Shaving Co Lemon Lavender

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