The Return of Majestic Barber Shop!

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I'm happy to announce that Majestic Barber Shop is coming back and will be opening Dec. 1, 2017 on Stockton's classic Miracle Mile!

The original Majestic Barbershop was opened in the fifties by my late grandfather, Ray.  He served his customers happily and skillfully until cancer prematurely ended his life in August 1966.  It was a classic barber shop where you could go for a shave and a haircut and good conversation.  A place where you could take your family and meet your friends.



Sadly, it closed a few years before I was born, and I was left with just a handful of precious photos.

Until now.

My good friend James, a master barber with over 25 years of experience, has made a wonderful success of Port City Barbers, and some time back began to think of expanding and adding a second shop.  (Coincidentally, James' uncle, Frank, was also a barber and apprenticed under my grandfather at Majestic.)  James even pitched the idea of creating a retail space for Majestic Shaving Company in his new shop.  

Of course, I was pretty excited.

The classic tools for wet shaving are best experienced in person.  Feeling the weight and balance of a safety razor, the soft knot of the shave brush.  To take in the vibrant scents of the shaving soaps and run the smooth, cushioned lather through the fingers.  

I grew more and more enthusiastic about the idea of putting our shave products in the new barber shop.  After all, it seemed such a natural fit.  Then, one day, James asked...

"What would you think if we were to call it Majestic Barber Shop, to honor your grandfather?" 

It was so kind, so considerate for James to even come up with the idea, but, that is the kind of person he is.

So, the Majestic Barber Shop will be returning to Stockton, CA!

I'm proud of what the name represents.  Proud of the types of services and products we'll have available to our customers.  Proud of the friendship where the next phase of Majestic Shaving Company begins.

If you live in the Stockton area be sure to stop by, James and I look forward to seeing you!


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