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Rockwell 2C Adjustable Safety Razor (White Chrome)

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Your quest for the perfect shave ends here!

The Rockwell 2C is the "little brother" of the Rockwell 6C.  They are identical in every way except the 6C has 3 plates and settings 1-6, but the 2C has 1 plate with settings 1 and 3.

Setting 1 is great for first time shavers, those new to safety razors or those with very light stubble.  The blade gap is narrow and the angle is tight making it virtually impossible for the blade to cut you.

Setting 3 opens up the blade gap and angle just a bit and is wonderfully versatile, for many men setting 3 can provide a close, comfortable daily shave with no irritation.

The razor will adjust to you and provide you with a customizable shave experience. 

The 2C has a white chrome finish, grippy knurling on the handle, and weighs in at comfy 96g.

This is a very high quality razor at an outstanding price.

Each razor comes with a 5 pack of Rockwell DE Razor Blades.

Also, remember, when you purchase a safety razor you can contact us and let us know if you would like a free shaving lesson/consultation via video chat to help you get your best start.

Here is a little video we made re: the 6C, but many of the same principle apply to the 2C.

If you have stubble growth that tends be a bit more thick and coarse, you may want to move up to the 6C which you can take a look at here:

Rockwell 6C Adjustable Safety Razor. 

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