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Rockwell 6C Adjustable Safety Razor (White Chrome)

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This is the perfect shaving tool for both the new and experienced safety razor user alike.

This is an adjustable razor, it adjusts to you and your needs.

The Rockwell 6C (the 'C' is for 'chrome') comes with 3 plates, each one with 2 settings, for a total of 6 settings.  The settings allow you to progressively widen the blade gap and change the angle.  The wider blade gap and different angle will expose a little more of the blade as you move from setting 1 to higher settings.

Are you new to safety razors or do you have very light stubble?  Try plate 1 on setting 1.

Are you a daily shaver looking for a smooth, comfortable shave?  Consider plate 1 on setting 3.

Are you a daily shaver who looks to get more of a BBS (baby bum smooth) finish? Maybe try plate 2 on setting 4.

Have you skipped shaving for a few days and now you have some more stubble to tackle? Consider going all the way to the third plate to try setting 5 or 6. (Which I have done with a Bolzano blade and it worked perfectly with no nicks or cuts).

What about for the ladies shaving their legs?  Mrs. Majestic Shaver likes setting 2 with a Voskhod blade.

The beauty of the Rockwell 6C adjustable razor is that you can customize it for the shave experience that you want.  

The razor is incredibly well made, balanced, and easy to use.  

As you can see in the photos the handle has a nice amount of knurling and is thus easy to grip.

Each Rockwell 6C includes a 5 pack of Rockwell DE razor blades.

For many this may very well be the only and last safety razor they will need to by, check out the video below for an even more detailed review.

Also, remember, when you purchase a safety razor you can contact us and let us know if you would like a free shaving lesson/consultation via video chat to help you get your best start.

Weight: 96 g


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