Craftsman Soap Co. Campfire Aftershave
Craftsman Soap Co.

Craftsman Soap Co. Campfire Aftershave

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Craftsman Soap Co. All-Natural, handmade, aftershave.

2 oz. flask bottle.

First a little sting from the grain alcohol and then a soothing, smooth finish from the witch hazel and aloe. There is pour reducer at the spout of the apothecary bottle, as a little of this goes a long way.  I don't find it necessary to use more than 1 splash.  

"Smoky."  That is Mrs. Majestic Shaver's one word assessment of the scent.  It is spot on.  This aftershave really does smell like a campfire.  The scent profile mentions cedar, fir and birch tar, but it is exactly what the name says.  Campfire.

Caution: this aftershave may induce S'more cravings!

Bring the "Great Outdoors" in to your shave!

Handcrafted. Give the bottle little shake each time as the botanicals sometimes settle.

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