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Hawaiian Shaving Co. Eucalyptus Lime Shaving Soap
Hawaiian Shaving Co.

Hawaiian Shaving Co. Eucalyptus Lime Shaving Soap

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Hawaiian Shaving Co. Eucalyptus Lime shaving soap.  3.5 oz.

The official name of this soap is Kaimü in the Palepiwa Lemi scent, but, let's just call it Eucalyptus Lime.

This is another one of our fine artisan offerings loaded with wonderful natural ingredients.

When you open the tin the first thing you notice it that the soap is black, what's going on here?  It's from the activated charcoal.  Don't worry, as you begin to create the lather it will turn to a pearl white color, letting you know your lather is ready.

I asked Al, the owner of Hawaiian Shaving Co., about the activated charcoal and, in addition to being produced from cocoanut husks, it is an antiseptic and helps remove excess oil from the skin.  This soap also contains Kukui Nut Oil which Hawaiians have used for centuries to rehydrate and moisturize the skin.

I don't know all the history but I can tell you this soap lathers very easily and leaves a very pleasant post shave feel.  

The scent is very Eucalyptus forward and I find the Lime to be very subtle and a little difficult to detect, which is to say, this is not a "Citrus" scented soap.  The scent is very present during the shave, but fades quickly and won't conflict with your choice of aftershave.

The performance of this soap make it worthy of a place in anyone's shave den.

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