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Hawaiian Shaving Co. Peppermint Orange Shave Soap 3.5 oz.

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Hawaiian Shaving Co. will wake you up with this invigorating Shave Soap!

Mint and citrus are 2 of the most energizing scents around, and this shave soap brings them together in 1 potent package!

The peppermint scent here is unmistakable and it will grab your attention the moment you open the tin...perhaps even before.  This is a great way to shake off the cold winter doldrums and start your morning off right!

Confused by the the black color of the soap?  Don't be, that is just the addition of activated charcoal made from coconut husks.  Activated charcoal has a variety of benefits including helping balance out oily skin.  

The Pepamina Alani (Peppermint Orange) is filled with all natural goodness such as the aforementioned activated charcoal and essential oils for fragrance, but also includes Coconut oil and Kukui Nut oil.

The lather is rich, slick and smooth and the finish is fresh and soothing.

Grab some today!

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