Merkur 42c "1904" Safety Razor

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Made in Germany.  Chrome.  3 piece safety razor.

This Mighty Mite, length is approximately 3 inches, is a knowing nod to the classic Gillette 1904 safety razor.  You can see it in the Art Deco inspired design on the six sided handle.

The short handle, however, does not mean that the performance of this razor falls short in any way.  Many gentleman actually prefer the shorter length handle as it makes for easy maneuverability and handling.  Did you ever "choke up" on the bat while you were playing baseball?  Same idea.  More control and feel.

The shaving head is the exact same versatile, time proven head as on our other Merkur models.  Add a Derby or Voskhod for a smooth, forgiving shave or add a Bolzano or Feather if you need a little more cutting power.

This razor is a perfect "starter" for the new wet shaver or a nice addition to the Shave Den of the more experienced gentleman.

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