Parker 29L Women's Long Handle Safety Razor (Pink)

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Parker 29L Women's Long Handle Butterfly Safety Razor

Why should the gentlemen have all the fun?  This safety razor is made with the ladies in mind.

Beyond the pink colored handle it has some very nifty features.

-  long handle makes it a snap to get all the way down to the ankle with ease

- textured, knurled grip ensures that the razor will not slip from soapy, wet hands

-  Butterfly aka Twist to Open (TTO) mechanism makes it very easy to change razor blades

-  Chrome covered solid brass frame means that this razor should give you years of quality shaves

Maybe you're a woman who is just as tired as the guys of overpaying for cartridge or disposable razors.

Maybe you're guy who has his safety razor "borrowed" with such frequency that you think it is high time she had her own.

Either way, this could be the perfect solution.  Pair this with a pack of razor blades, a shaving brush, and an artisan shaving soap for a truly luxurious shave!


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