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Rod George Shave Designs: Handcrafted Brass Razor Handle

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Made in California, USA

Just because you shave everyday just like everybody else it doesn't mean that you have to use the same razor as everybody else.

Rod George keeps the "art" in artisan with these one of a kind unique creations.  

Every handle is made to be individual, no two are exactly alike.  They are handmade by Rod in his shop.  He does not have "collections," he just makes the handle according to his inspiration in the moment.  

Rod uses different materials, round metal stock, octagonal metal stock, different cuts and different finishes so you can rest assured you are the only one with the exact handle you have your hands wrapped around.

This particular handle is made from polished brass and subsequently has more heft than his aluminum handles.  The polished surface is graceful and easy to hold on to. Length is  approximately 3". Note: the brass will have to be cleaned from time to time to maintain the shiny finish.

The handle is compatible with virtually any razor head and base plate as it is made to accept the most common thread pattern.  You can match it to one of our Merkur or PAA razors or purchase a Maggard head to partner it with.

Check back with us from time to time to see what new items we have Rod George Shave Designs.

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